Why I use WordPress

Jul 13, 2017

In the past WordPress has been (rightly so) demonized for many things; site speed, security, usability and many more. I’ve been using WordPress for over 5 years now and I’ve either worked my way around these things or done what is necessary to “fix” them.

But I’m here to tell you – WordPress is PERFECT… for me.

It’s free! WordPress doesn’t cost me a penny to use, so I don’t have to pass on any extra charges when working on a project.

This means my pricing can be flexible depending on the customer, the idea or even just how interested I am in working on the actual project.

WordPress takes actual minutes to setup. It’s famous for its 5 minute install and it really is that quick. In fact, most modern hosting companies provide you with a one-click setup for WordPress that makes things even quicker and easier.

Over 500 websites per day are created using WordPress. Websites like Rolling Stone, Marks & Spencer and even some pages built by Facebook run on the WordPress platform. Combined, WordPress powers over 30% of websites on the internet.

WordPress may only employ 500 or so people but there are thousands more producing and updating hundreds of new plugins and themes every day. There’s no need for me to spend time building or creating my own when I can get almost exactly what I want for free or at an incredibly reasonable price.

Last but not least, it’s easy-to-use. WordPress is responsive ‘out of the box’ and I’ve taught people of all ages and abilities how to use WordPress effectively and still continue to do so regularly.