Tips for writing an awesome blog

Oct 13, 2017

Writing a blog is a great method for marketing your business. You’ll be seen as a expert in your field if you’re writing regular, relevant and interesting blogs. It also adds the human element to your marketing mix. And, as cliched as the statement is, people really do buy from people.

Of course, a well written, interesting blog doesn’t appear overnight, it requires a little work on your part. Here’s some tips that should help you on your way.

Make it relevant
You’ve got a blog idea and you’re sitting down to write… Great! Now, stop and ask yourself – is this relevant?

To you, of course it is. But who are you trying to attract to read your blog, and in turn, promote your company to? The time-ley-ness and relevancy of your article will make a huge difference to it’s perceived level of interest.

For example, relevant article right now could be about Europe, Plymouth Argyle or maybe The Kardashians.

(See picture below, I can never tell the difference between them.)

These topics are a little general, vague and generally, click-bait fodder for Daily Mail types. You can do better than that…

Your blog post should demonstrate your professional skills and should reaffirm to people that you are the expert in this field so why not look to your friends and colleagues? What are they talking about, what interests them and in turn, what interests you? And remember, no fun for the writer – no fun for the reader.

Keep it short
An average attention span is between 8-12 seconds, even less for people that watch ITV2 or are on a smartphone. So, you need to hook people in within the first sentence. One of the best ways to do this is with a list style article (check out for inspiration).

List articles essentially “reboot” peoples attention span every few paragraphs – so throw in a few pictures to break up the text and you’re onto a winner. Almost half the articles on the BBC news and New York Times websites are in the list style and they get of 50 million unique visitors a month.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself
Spelling, grammar and facts can be the downfall of even a great article. There is always a smart arse in the comments section ready to correct your spelling or statements made in your blog post.

Spell check exists for a reason – so use it.
If you can – print your article and check it out, you’ll be surprised at the errors you missed when looking at a screen.
Be aware of different spellings in Europe and America – and be prepared to educate the Americans on why they are wrong.

What’s the point?
Most importantly, your article needs a call-to-action. It doesn’t need to be a sales pitch, it could just be a recommendation based on the previous blog they read. But pick one and add it to the bottom of your post.