Moustache meeting

Feb 3, 2023

January is, by all accounts, a rubbish month. It’s cold, you’re poor and the last time you saw daylight was sometime in October. If it was a person, it would probably be Logan Paul.

When I was tasked with running the first team meeting of February – I knew it had to be good. Therefore, I created Moustache Meeting… A revolutionary, groundbreaking way to achieve team unity, celebrate the good that happened during the previous week and help each other out with any problems.

It was also useful in our attempts to solve world peace and grow thick, full and totally real moustaches as a team.

Maybe you want to increase your team togetherness, improve employee morale or perhaps just grow an incredible mouth mullet.

Take a look at the download below and get in touch to find out more about running Moustache Meeting with your team…

Moustache meeting rules (and bingo)