I’m a handsome, capable and exceedingly humble dad of two *horrible children. To help contribute to their (and mine) continued survival I have been forced to gain over 10 years experience in digital design, marketing and event management. As a prolific freelancer I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of fantastic local companies, community groups, organisations and, a hopeful, member of parliament.

My ability to design kick-ass digital content, improve business processes with digital skills and manage the s##t out of your event is unparalleled by anyone within a 10 yard radius. Most importantly I’m an autodidact (and unashamed Taylor Swift fan) that understands the value of sharing skills.

I’m a proud, lifelong nerd, geek, dork… (whatever word you want to use) and my passion for technology has existed for as long as I can remember. I’ve been fortunate that my work and personal life have almost always enabled me to be surrounded by people that feel the same as I do about promoting the South West as a hub for innovation and expertise in the Technology and Digital sectors.

My two children (9 & 10) are constantly making unreasonable demands and giving me new problems to solve. They’re my proudest achievements and the most rewarding challenge of every day. If you’ve ever spent more than an hour with any young children then this should be more than enough to convince you of my patience, organisational and communications skills as well as my ability to deal with any situation that could arise.